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PEMF+ is an acronym for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field” plus multiple natural frequencies delivered to your Biofield in rapid succession by sound and sinusoidal waves. Whereas there are PEMF devices that transmit individual frequencies, the RyseUp PEMF+ transmits multiple frequencies at the same time that are designed to provide your body the opportunity to resonate with the frequencies to which it responds.

Resonance is an actuating principle on which the RyseUp technology depends to interact with Frequencies generated by the Qi of people, plants, and animals.

The principal difference between RyseUp devices—the Wearable, Home, Pro, and Beyond—is the number and size of the coils and the range of coverage by the frequencies provided.

No. RyseUp Devices are Wellness Devices. RyseUp does not diagnose or treat disease. Rather, the approach of RyseUp is associated with Eastern traditions such as TCM and more recent scientific studies of the Biofield and of Resonance. RyseUp devices focus on wellness.

TCM is an acronym for “Traditional Chinese Medicine”—an energetics practice that has been used for more than 4,000 years—that teaches the importance of Qi (Chi), the energetic lifeforce emanating from all living things (plants, animals, and people).

Qi is recognized in TCM as the vital, animating, “Life Force” that flows through all living things: plants, animals, and people. This vital force is recognized in other Eastern wellness practices by a variety of names, such as Ki in Japanese medicine, Prana in Ayurveda, Mana in Polynesian culture, Lung in Tibetan wellness practice, and Ruah in Hebrew.

The ancient Greeks called it Pneuma (meaning “breath” to describe the vital spirit) and there are similar terms in other traditions of indigenous practice. These descriptions of life energy originated from metaphysical considerations of the nature of consciousness and its interaction with mental, emotional, and physical systems. In the modern age, the notion of a universal life energy is employed by energy healing practitioners, who often describe energy coming from their hands and other parts of the body.

These same practitioners report using energy awareness to sense imbalances in patients’ energy fields and to regulate energy flow and release energy blockages perceived to be impeding the healing process. Modern CAM systems such as chiropractic, homeopathy, and classical osteopathy also are founded on principles of a vital force. Therapeutics in these practices involves restoring or rebalancing the vital force to promote healing.

The Biofield is a paradigm recognized by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) as emanating from the human body and that of other living organisms. Biofield theory suggests that interacting with the Biofield (as through Resonance) may affect the condition and expression of the organism.

Both Western science and Eastern traditional practices provide insights into understanding the world and improving human wellbeing, but they differ in their origins, methodologies, and underlying philosophies. 

For example, many Eastern practices (like meditation and acupuncture) have been studied and validated using Western scientific methods. Conversely, Western scientific fields, like quantum physics, have sometimes found parallels in Eastern philosophical concepts.

Each approach provides tools that can be complementary when used together. For instance:

Western Science generally focuses on the parts, dissecting systems into smaller units for study, aiming to understand the minute details. Eastern Traditional Practice focuses on the whole, seeing systems (such as the human body) as interconnected and interdependent.

Western Science (Modern Medicine) often targets specific symptoms or diseases, using tools like pharmaceuticals, surgery, and other interventions.

Whereas Eastern Traditional Practice (lsuch as Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on restoring balance and harmony to the body and mind, often using natural remedies, dietary changes, exercises like Tai Chi or Yoga, and practices like acupuncture or massage.

Despite differences, the line between Western science and Eastern traditions has blurred in many areas, especially in recent years. 

RyseUp Devices are not recommended for use by children except with parental permission and supervision. While we are not aware of specific contraindications with children, neither are children able fully to understand or report their experience. For that reason—and the fact the children may not be able to report or comprehend their experience—RyseUp does not recommend use of the RyseUp technology by children.

Because RyseUp Devices produce a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, they should not be used by anyone who has a metal implant that may be affected by magnetism (titanium is not). RyseUp also should not be used by anyone who has a pacemaker or other medical device that may be affected by electromagnetics. Also, anyone especially sensitive to electromagnetic stimulation. Although some RyseUp customers report an initial purging or cleansing associated with the ultimate benefits of RyseUp, anyone experiencing a negative sensory experience should consult their physician or wellness practitioner.

A Referrer is a person who by enrolling for free as a Referrer on an Independent Affiliat´s website will receive his own website link that the person can share with prospective Customers and receive 10% commission on all purchases of RyseUp devices by that person. A Referrer may or may not be a RyseUp Customer.

An Affiliate is a person who has paid the Annual at-cost Enrollment Fee of $49/€49 and can then, through the use of their personal replicated website, sell RyseUp products and services to customers, and enroll Referrers and other Affiliates to become part of the Enroller’s sales organization.  An Affiliate is an independent contractor who is compensated through commissions, bonuses and overrides on retail sales made by them and their sales organizations as per the Accelerated Affiliate Income Plan. Affiliates may or may not be RyseUp Customers.  Affiliates MAY NOT represent themselves as an employee of RyseUp.

An Influencer is an Affiliate who has made a certain amount of Personal Sales within a calendar quarter (or less). (For information about the financial benefits of being an Influencer, see the description of the Accelerated Affiliate Income Plan (AAIP) included under the Affiliate Program section of this website.

A Master Influencer is an Affiliate who has made a certain amount of Personal sales in a calendar quarter (or less).  (For information about the financial benefits of being an Influencer, see the description of the Accelerated Affiliate Income Plan (AAIP) included under the Affiliate Program section of this website.

The AAIP is a tiered payment program that pays Referrers commissions, bonuses, and overrides for retail sales of RyseUp devices and services. All commissions, bonuses, and overrides are paid on sales. No commissions are paid for enrolling.

  • Accelerated Affiliate Website
  • Your own Back Office to manage your RyseUp business
  • Training and Support
  • State of the Art Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Authority to:
    • Sell to Customers
    • Enroll Referrers and Affiliates
  • Regular Newsletter and other publications
  • Additional benefits
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RyseUp offers a worry-free 30 day refund policy. If you would like to request a refund, please contact us at In order to process your request in a timely manner, please provide your original order ID and your name. Our support team will contact you with the information how to return your ordered product to us. Once we have received your order we issue the refund to the payment method used for the order.
In order to cancel an order that has not been fulfilled yet, please contact us at In order to process your request in a timely manner, please provide your original order ID and your name. Our support team will assist you in finalising the cancellation.
Customer satisfaction is the core of our business. Therefore we handle complaints with the utmost care. Once we receive a complaint we will inform the customer and will get back to them within 5 business days. If additional information is required to settle the customer complaint, we will contact the customer directly.

If you like to subscribe to or purchase additional RyseUp frequencie programs you can do so straight from the RyseUp App. Simply click on “Subscribe” in the desired Upgrade or Category and you will be forwarded to the RyseUp subscription platform, called U-Store. Please note that we do not offer single programs but rather Categories or Upgrades. You can choose from different subscription lengths: 1 month with automatic renewal, or 2, 6 or 12 months without automatic renewal. If you wish to purchase rather than subscribe to a Category or Upgrade you can do so as well.

Absolutely. We understand that sometimes users may inadvertently purchase a subscription for a program group they already own. In such cases, we offer a hassle-free solution. Within a 30-day period, customers can easily revoke their subscription and receive a full refund. We believe in ensuring our users have a seamless and satisfactory experience with our products.

Yes, our system is designed to recognize owned Categories and Upgrades. Our system dynamically adapts to recognize owned programs, ensuring users have uninterrupted access to their purchased content.

Ensuring seamless transactions for our customers is paramount to us. If you need to update your credit card information mid-subscription or change other customer information related to your payments, you can easily do so in the customer self-service portal of our payment provider MyCommerce. You can request a login here:

We understand that unexpected circumstances can arise, affecting payment methods during a subscription period. In such cases, we review your order to ensure that you can continue enjoying our services without interruption.

While subscriptions are not transferrable, we provide our customers with peace of mind through a 30-day revocation period. We understand that circumstances may change, and we strive to offer flexibility and support to ensure our customers are satisfied with their subscription experience.

Our subscriptions are designed to provide flexibility and convenience to our users. Subscriptions are account-related, allowing users to access content across multiple devices for their convenience. With the ability to use subscriptions on up to three devices, users can seamlessly transition between devices while enjoying uninterrupted access to their purchased frequency programs.

We offer our customers the convenience of purchasing Categories and Upgrades. At this time, we do not offer individual program purchases.

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Product and Use Disclaimer

The RyseUp devices and programs create a “PEMF+” (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field plus multiple frequencies broadcast at the same time) transmission, a technology developed and registered by RyseUp. The RyseUppulsed electromagnetic programs operate as a feature of the emerging field of “frequency science.” Frequency science has long been recognized by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and our new understanding of the homeodynamics, an example of which is the recent study of the “biofield.” The biofield has been reported by the U.S. NIH (National Institutes of Health) as an electromagnetic field emanating from all living organisms: humans, animals, and plants. This emerging field of study intends to provide a scientific foundation for understanding the complex homeo-dynamic relationship of living systems. Currently, the U.S. National Institutes of Health posts more than 400 academic papers investigating the biofields of living organisms, focusing on the human biofield. RyseUp frequencies and devices have been designed as wellness devices and programs to provide a low-level energetics experience of the interaction between the RyseUp devices and programs as they resonate with the biofield. Although many have enjoyed a wellness experience with RyseUp—promoting rest and relaxation, meditation, and other moderating energetic experiences—it must be stressed that this area of energetics still is theoretical and should not be relied upon to replace consultation with your physician or other wellness practitioner. RyseUp devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease, disease-like or other medical conditions. If you are under the care of a doctor or other healthcare practitioner, you should consult your doctor or wellness advisor before using RyseUp. There are no reports of contraindications when using the RyseUp PEMF+ technology, but because this is an electromagnetic device, it should not be used by anyone with a metal implant (other than titanium, which is non-magnetic) or anyone with a pacemaker, an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), a cochlear implant, intrathecal pump, insulin pump, spinal cord stimulator, or similar medical device. Further, and out of an abundance of caution, we do not recommend the use of RyseUp devices by pregnant or lactating women or anyone under the age of 18 (except by parental permission and/or the permission of a consulting physician). When using RyseUp devices and programs, hydrate for maximum effectiveness. Be advised that not all frequencies work for all people. Your body will tell you what works for you! The RyseUp Wearable is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) wave emitter with a single copper coil. Designed to encourage and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the RyseUp Wearable is focused by proprietary PEMF+ technology projecting a sinusoidal single or serial electromagnetic frequency. As a wellness support device, the RyseUp Wearable is aligned with the philosophies and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is not intended to diagnosis, cure, mitigate, prevent, or treat a disease or disease-like condition. Customers of the RyseUp Wearable who suffer an illness are encouraged to seek the attention of their medical or other healthcare professional.

* The following statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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